About Douglas

Douglas’s background in design and studies in Asia are evident in his work. His paper collages are highly detailed, multi-layered, and yet accessible. He describes his work as “painting with paper”. He is engaging and freely talks of his work and draws you into his world. He talks of “flow” and energy and not thinking and letting things happen around him. Douglas believes that the analytical mind is disruptive to creativity and causes blockages. He is very prolific doing not only extensive collages, making his own frames out of salvaged wood but also creating many 2 and 3 dimensional sculptures out of paper, ceramics, wood and other found objects.

Douglas’s subject matter is varied: abstracts, flowers, mandalas, tapestries, waves, Plein Air landscapes, robots, many with a recurring circle theme. His work is both timeless and timely. He worked on over 100 pieces of “Eyes” and self-portraits during the pandemic. This series he calls “Covid Eyes” explores how wearing masks changed the way we look at people and how the eyes became more important to how we see people. The collages contain many layers, both figuratively and literally. They might reflect how he feels on a given day or come about spontaneously during his meditations.

He often works on a hundred pieces at a time and frequently cuts up to half of his collages to make new and ever evolving pieces. He has a “paper room”, which is very interesting in itself. He makes or designs 12+ patterns on paper, which are used in his works. He believes that all people bring their energy into the room which changes the energy in the papers, which affects the collages he creates with them. The collages are pressed using wax paper and up to 400 lb weights for as long as 5 1⁄2 months. This “hidden magic” causes the papers to bleed together, change colors and bring new and unexpected effects. The entire process is fascinating.